The world of hoaxs

Hoaxs or fake news have flooded social media. I do receive posts contain hoax in my WhatsApp group almost every day. Why do people produce hoax and share it massively?

Hoax was produced and spread massively to manipulate as many as people. Hoax has already used as a tool of social engineering to drive action and opinion into direction wanted by its creator. Hoax about mass destruction weapon owned by Saddam Husein regime was spread out to drive opinion of international society to support and justify US invasion to Iraq.

Start learning English (again)

After creating this blog for years, now I come back to this inactive blog. It has just happened after installing WordPress app from playstore. I install it to restart English writing after it’s been vacuumed for almost 2 years. From now, I promise myself to write at least one paragraph everyday.

Whoever you are… please help me improve my written English by commenting my posts.